Professional and Confidential Executive Search

When evaluating their recruiting needs, many companies unfortunately believe they must pay a retainer fee to some big name recruiting firm. Why though would anyone prefer to pay up front and then wait to see if they get results? Why not get the results before you pay for them?

Executive Search Consultants works on a contingency fee basis. You don't pay us until you hire our candidate. If we don't perform up to your expectations, we both lose because you won't owe us a cent. Of course there are many other contingency recruiters out there. Why should you call us?

• We have a head start on larger recruiting firms because we restrict our services to only the industries in which we specialize. We already know the players, so we can work fast.

• We're not in the "temp" or "contract" business. We only work with candidates looking to make a permanent career change.

• We're motivated to serve you. There are no contracts to sign unless that's part of your company policy. We're trusting that both parties are acting in good faith. Thus, if we're not doing the job, you're perfectly free to use someone else.

• Why settle for anything less than a sure thing? Call Executive Search Consultants today. 336.315.9187.